Brand Creation

Tim Odofin

When Tim came to us wanting a refresh and some new additions to his website, he decided that a new logo to compliment his new website was the exact uplift his business needed. Maintaining his existing brand colour palette of red, grey, white & black and keeping the voiceover related element of a microphone was a very important factor to Tim and something that was included throughout most logo drafts and revisions. Whilst also giving a few additional variations to ensure that Tim had plenty of choices and was 100% certain on choosing branding that he wouldn’t outgrow.

With the addition of sound waves and the subtle microphone icon to replace the letter ‘I’, we were able to create a versatile logo with multiple elements that can be used individually as well as complementing one another when paired together. Tim’s new logo is the perfect embodiment and balance of a clean professional logo whilst including specialised elements which communicate to a client in a visual way his passion for voice over. 

The Design Process

Our Goals

• Create an official colour palette using the exisiting colours from Tim's brand as a starting point

• Design a new logo that is simple and clean whilst also incorporating icon elements which visually commuicate the voice over nature of Tim's business

What We Delivered

• A complete branding refresh that Tim can use across his entire online presence.

• Newly designed logo in a variety of styles and colours that can work wherever he needs them.

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