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Michael Ryan Voiceover

Michael Ryan is an Irish voiceover with an already established client list, looking to expand his business. Following a website review, Michael asked us to completely redesign his website, improving the SEO and creating a really strong brand identity.

As part of Michael’s redesign, we simplified his pre-existing logo to give us a really strong basis to build his brand around. Wanting to have a subtle emphasis on his Irishness, whilst also having a website that was professional, clean, and simple, Michael’s main focus was to picture his potential client and ensure his website was in service of their needs. The potential client Michael was envisioning was a creative assistant in an agency or production house, where there is a possibility that English may not be their first language. They have been tasked with the job of creating a shortlist of potential voiceovers using internet searches and may not be familiar with the technical terminology used in the industry.

Viewing multiple voiceover websites cluttered with media, graphics, and jargon, Michael wanted his website to stand out from the rest with clear, easy-to-digest information and a call to action.

Take A Peek...

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• Create colour palette that is warm and has a subtle to hint to Michael's Irishness

• Simplify Michael's preexisting logo

• Design and build a multi-page website

• Ensure website is fully responsive across all device types

• Fully SEO'd copywriting

• Provide Michael with full training on the backend of the website so he feels confident making any changes himself


• Custom colour palette and font to use throughout all branding

• Amendments to existing logo to simplify and suit new branding

• Website structure, design and build

• Search Engine Optimisation

Selected statement from Michael's larger testimonial below
One Size Doesn't Fit All (Or Something Like That)
We tailor our pricing to exactly what you need

A call to action segment, detailing how we will tailor pricing based on their requirements (size of website, branding, logo design, hosting etc). Relatively concise but still providing detailed value.