Brand Creation

Michael Ryan - The Voice of Irish Charm

Michael came to us with an original version of his “Voice of Irish Charm” branding.

Although it served its purpose, during Michael’s website review we discussed how his logo could be improved to be a bit more simplistic yet still capture the Irishness he wanted to portray.

By refreshing his logo and using the same colours chosen when creating his new website, we had a really strong foundation to start with when designing the aesthetic of the entire website and brand.

Michael wanted a clean, easy to read logo that was just his name in a script font to portray handwriting, to give that more personal feel. It was also important to add a hint to the fact he was Irish in the logo to make his sound a major part of his marketing.

For this, it was clear that we had to use the national emblem of Ireland, a shamrock in a subtle green, that was then used as an accent colour throughout his website and social media branding.

The Design Process

Our Goals

• Create a colour palette that complements Michael's Irish background and captures his sound in a single image.

• Simplify Michael's existing logo to bring in our new colour choices, fresh shamrock design and favourite font.

What We Delivered

• A complete branding refresh that looks modern, professional and sells Michael's sound at a glance.

• Newly designed logo in variety of styles and colours for Michael to use across his social media and emails.

Now Michael has a brand packed with Irish charm...
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