Brand Creation
Michael Ryan

Michael had a preexisting logo that he has created when building his original website. Although it served its purpose, during Michael’s website review we discussed how his logo could be improved to be a bit more simplistic yet still capture the Irishness he wanted to portray. By refreshing his logo and using the same colours chosen when creating his new website we had a really strong foundation to use when designing the aesthetic of the entire website.

Michael wanted a clean, easy to read logo that was quite simply his name in a script font to portray handwriting to give that more personal feel. It was also important to add a hint to the fact he was Irish in the logo to allude to the type of voiceover he is. For this, we chose to use the national emblem of Ireland, a shamrock in a subtle green that was then used as an accent colour throughout his website.

The Design Process


• Create colour palette that compliments Michael's Irish background

• Simplify Michael's existing logo to bring in new colour choices, newly designed shamrock and chosen font


• Complete branding refresh

• Newly designed logo in variety of styles and colour ways

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