Brand Creation

Brendan McLatchie

When we met Brendan, he came to us with a challenge! As someone relatively new to voiceover and starting their branding from scratch to go along with the new website we were building from him – he wanted to make sure his brand included a touch of his personality as well as working well with a corporate audience.

This is where we discovered Brendan’s love of Dungeons & Dragons. Harvey, as a fellow D&D lover, immediately knew that we could create a brand that blended corporate with fantasy and furthermore the vocabulary that we could incorporate to further express Brendan’s personal interests.

We agreed upon exploring colours that were typically used in Dungeons & Dragons, and this gave us the most amazing starting point and combinations of purples, reds, blues and greens for Brendan to consider. This entwined with using a D-20 dice as our chosen icon enabled us to create a clean, easily recognisable logo with a nod to Brendan’s personal interests in a way that sparks mystery and further intrigue.

The Design Process

Our Goals

• Create a colour palette that uses typical colours associated with Dungeons & Dragons

• Design a new logo that is simple, clean and modern, yet also incorporates an element of fantasy and game play

What We Delivered

• A complete branding refresh that Brendan can use across his entire online presence.

• Newly designed logo in a variety of styles and colours that can work wherever he needs them.

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