Brand Creation

Ben Wake

Ben already had a logo when we first started working together and although he liked it and didn’t start by envisioning it changing, it had been the logo he started his business with and given how much his career has evolved – we later decided that it might be time to start fresh.

By creating a new look for Ben and selecting colours that are fresh, modern and distinctive along with a new logo and complimentary fonts gave Ben a new confidence within his business. With a professional look and feel that matched seamlessly with the service he provides to his clients, ensuring a consistently high-end service from first website visit to final delivered product.

The Design Process

Our Goals

• Create a colour palette that compliments Ben's professionalism and and colour preferences of blue and gold

• Design a new logo that is simple, clean and modern

What We Delivered

• A complete branding refresh that Ben can use across his entire online presence.

• Newly designed logo in a variety of styles and colours that can work wherever he needs them.

a one of a kind voiceover needs a site to match
So we build your voiceover site to do more than just look great

When we create your voiceover website, we create a brand for your voice, write striking copy to help you get discovered, give you the advice you need to market it and provide superfast hosting so it always performs perfectly.